Universal Woodfibre Insulation Board.
PAVATHERM-COMBI is an insulating board for walls and roofs with multifunctional application options and a profiled edge design.

Panel Dimensions:
1460mm x 730mm x 60mm (not including tongue)

• Thermal insulation
• Vapour permeability
• Non toxic
• Sound insulation
• Swiss Engineered
• Made from recycled waste wood
• Airtight 

Main Features : Superior geometric tongue and groove design, for fast install. Once installed, Can be exposed for 2 months onsite. Not required to use sarking. Boards can overhang the studs, no additional timbers required. Rendered or Clad system. Perfect for stud frames and CLT (cross laminated timber)

For rafter spacing at 450 / 600 centres. Fixed over the rafters or retro fit under the rafters. Create counter battens for tin or tile etc.
Walls: For direct fix to wall framing at 450 / 600 centres. Can be rendered. Can be counter battened for rear vented facade.
Floor: Direct fix over floor joists for optimum thermal and acoustic performance. Can fix subfloor straight on top through into joists.


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