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  • Panels

    PAVATHERM-COMBI is an insulating board for walls and roofs with multi-functional application options and a profiled edge design. These insulation boards are render-compatible and can be exposed to the weather for 30 days.

  • Panel Fixings

    A minimum of 6 fixings are required for each panel. Our Panel & Fixings Quantity Calculator will let you know how many boards and Fixings your build will need.

  • Fast install

    PAVATHERM-COMBI Panels are Swiss-Engineered to interlock with a tongue and groove style system which significantly reduces build times.

Build Cost Comparisons

If you were to build a 100m2 wall, this guide helps you understand costs for the 3 options shown & just how quick you can build with Life Panels - Pavatex.
*All costs are average & must be verified with individual companies.
  • Comparative build costs assume:

    Labour, Framing, Structural, Fixings, Membranes, Wall Cladding/Render, Insulation, Internal Wall Surface, Paint

Why choose Pavatex?

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to fix it with?

For rendered finish - 1 washer and screw - through the board straight into the frame.

Do I need and glue to join the sheets?

No! The sheets are Swiss engineered with a unique rounded Tonge and groove to locate sheets together.

What R-value do the board achieve?

At 60mm thick the boards rate an average of R2. When used a finished wall build up could achieve up to R4 minimum.

What size are the boards?

1450mm long x 750mm height x 60mm Thick (1.11sqm per board)

How many fixings do I need per sqm?

You will need 6 fixings /m2  (See installation guide)

How many sqm can be installed per day

As an average for 1 skilled carpenter, approx 45m2 / day

PAVATEX Products Review

  • PAVATEX - Building Biologist Approved

    "PAVATEX, it’s about time a building material of this caliber became available in Australia!
    As a building biologist I have inspected tonnes of buildings for their air quality and the affects that the building materials and the tightly sealed building envelope have on indoor air quality.

    In my observations, many “standard” building systems, materials & finishes leave you with a serious demise in indoor air quality, through off-gassing VOC’s and poor moisture controls throughout the building envelope.
    The resulting impact is a “standard” building system that just does not cater for a healthy environment and consequently the health of its occupants. Mold growth in buildings is finally gaining more and more coverage in the media for its impact on peoples health. The control of moisture and how it transfers through different building materials is a key consideration in minimising the secondary impacts of moisture issues in a building.
    PAVATEX appears to have all your bases covered!

    Finally! A material that provides:
    • True vapour permeability
    • Thermal & acoustic insulation
    • Versatility for areas of installation
    • A true ally in maintaining good indoor air quality

    I am super excited about PAVATEX and its diverse benefits."

    –– Rhys Brenton,  Conscious Environments
    (Member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists)

Our Partners

  • Balanced Earth is a Byron Shire based building company specialising in architecturally designed hemp buildings which don't cost the Earth.
    The team are commited to protecting the health of it's employees and building inhabitants through the use of sustainable and non-toxic building materials.

  • Swiss Engineered since 1932

    PAVATEX has specialised in the manufacture of high-quality woodfibre insulation systems for the building envelope. Over 80 years of experience and innovation make PAVATEX the leading supplier worldwide.

  • On-site Delivery Service

    Operating since 1978, Mainfreight is built on a 100-year vision, a view that shapes their approach to customer and supplier relationships––providing our customers with a full freight service, direct to your site Australia-wide.

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